In-Stock Equipment

Used 2014 ADM Equipment

• EX-SS Drum Mixer-Side x Side design

• 76” x 30’ long Low Velocity Drum

• Trunnion Drive System with Oversized Bearings

• SJ200 40 MBTU/HR Burner & Blower Skid 

• Inlet Feed Conveyor

• Fuel Oil Pump

• Integral 21,000 CFM Baghouse 

• Control Room is mounted to drum skid chassis

• ADP-100 Blending Controls & Console

• Massive Structural Frame

• Portable  

• 3CFB20 Aggregate Feeding System

• Extended Collecting Conveyor with belt scale

• Portable Ramp to Load Aggregate Feeding System

Equipment was purchased in 2014 to fit within another dryer as a backup. 

Extremely low hours of running time and well taken care of. 

Control van is located on the same chassis as the drum & baghouse.

54,000 CFM Baghouse

  • 54,000 CFM baghouse with pre-cleaner air entry.
  • Exhaust Fan with twin 125 HP motors.
  • Duct from baghouse to Exhaust Fan.
  • Stack with damper­­ and walkway to test ports.
  • Internal baghouse screw.
  • Included is a full set of new bags.

2021 SES75 Self-Erect Storage Silo with a DC400-75 400-Ton Per Hour Drag (Slat) Conveyor


  • The self-erect silo is a highly portable, self-contained unit that can be erected in minutes without the use of a crane. The silo has a capacity of 75 tons based on material having a density of 120 lb/ft3.
  • The unit is raised in place by dual 10″ bore hydraulic cylinders. The unit is erected three (3) times at the factory to assure proper operation.
  • The deck section is continuously welded to the silo barrel. The exterior surface is covered with 1/4″ safety deck plate and the perimeter of the silo deck is surrounded with handrailing.
  • The diameter of the silo barrel is 11′-2″ and the sidewalls are constructed with 1/4″ thick steel plate, one hundred percent double welded.
  • The silo barrel extends vertically down past the cone section to the base of the silo section to provide a protective skirt. The 2″ of insulation on the barrel is installed in layers and is overlapped for effectiveness in eliminating cold spots. The insulation is covered with pre-painted aluminum skin banded for added rigidity.
  • The silo cone is constructed with 3/8″ steel and is continuously double welded to the barrel section. An AR cone liner is provided to ensure long maintenance life.
  • A 60 degree tapered slope to a 30″ diameter discharge opening maximizes free flow of material.
  • Hot oil, pressure tested, tubes are attached to the silo cone section to extend storage time. The hot oil system includes inlet and outlet shutoff valves and a check valve on the inlet side. The tubes are overlayed with 4″ of insulation, which is in turn embossed with a stucco finish.
  • Dual clam gates provide rapid truck loading and segregation protection on discharge.
  • A heavy tubular frame supports the silo and drag conveyor. When in the erected position, the frame provides for an 11′-2″ wide x 11′-3″ high drive through clearance.
  • A high level bindicator is provided which will activate an alarm to alert the operator of a high condition.
  • 30 HP Screw type air compressor.


  • The 29″ wide x 42″ tall drag conveyor has a capacity of 400tph.
  • The conveyor uses a single 6″ pitch heavy-duty roller chain.
  • Drag flights are fabricated with 3/4″ steel and are 8″ high.
  • The conveyor bottom is covered with 1/2″ thick chrome carbide floor liner and the sidewalls are fitted with 8″ tall x 1/2″ thick AR400 liners.
  • The conveyor is driven by a 60-hp motor through a planetary gear reducer.
  • The drag conveyor head shaft is made from 4-7/16″ diameter cold rolled steel. The segmented sprocket is bolted to a split hub. The sprocket is hardened to a 500 Brinell.
  • The adjustable tail shaft is made from 3-7/16″ diameter cold rolled steel with easy adjustment.
  • The spring-loaded bearings on the hold down idlers provide flexibility and increased maintenance life.
  • Hinged steel covers in 5′ sections provide easy access to the conveyor for inspection and/or maintenance.
  • A pneumatically actuated by-pass on the bottom of the drag conveyor is provided for diverting unwanted material on start-up or when cleaning out the drum.
  • A 4,500 lb integral batching hopper with dual clam gates maximizes use of barrel volume while minimizing segregation.
  • Lubrication Lines installed on both sides of the drag conveyor to easily grease all idler bearings.


  • The portability package includes dual 11 x 22.5 tires and rims mounted on quad- axles, air brakes, stop and turn signals, kingpin hitch and glad hand.
  • The air ride suspension provides a smooth ride to protect equipment on the road.
  • Hydraulically operated leveling jacks are provided for easy setup.

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