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Additive Systems

Anti Strip SystemsAnti Strip Systems
Anti Strip SystemsAnti Strip Systems
Anti Strip SystemsAnti Strip Systems
Anti Strip SystemsAnti Strip Systems

Anti Strip Systems

Designed with precision in mind, the additive is accurately metered into the static blender by a PLC-controlled, positive-displacement zero-speed pump. The PLC based controls provide a consistent and accurate flow as production rates increase or decrease.

  • Designed to customer specific material and flow needs
  • Skid Mounted with Tach, Meter, rain cover and strain-isolating flexible connections
  • Pre-piped and wired to tank junction box
Fiber Feed SystemsFiber Feed Systems
Fiber Feed SystemsFiber Feed Systems

Fiber Feed Systems

Fiber feed systems are capable of metering and dispensing various materials such as cellulose, rubber and fiber pellets, among others. Our fiber feed systems work using a reverse weigh feed system by calculating a depletion rate based on a known weight. Computer controlled target rate is based on asphalt liquid content or aggregate rate.

  • Visual and audible no-flow alarm can be interlocked with plant to stop production
  • Features low level and fill indicator audible and visual alarms
  • NTEP approved load cells send signal back to on-board blend computer to provide a measured flow rate
Warm Mix SystemsWarm Mix Systems
Warm Mix SystemsWarm Mix Systems

Warm Mix Systems

The ADM warm mix system helps to lower the production temperature by foaming the liquid asphalt as it passes through the in-line static blender. Warm mix asphalt can help reduce production cost, blue smoke emissions, material oxidation and offensive odors. Warm mix will also increase RAP usage, hauling distance and your bottom line.
Skid mounted variable speed 3 HP pumping system with Tach feedback, unloading valve and return valve. The pump will have a relief valve for shock protection during shutdowns. Our pump has a stainless-steel head and is rated for up to 500 psi.

  • This pumping system can be sized to deliver 0.1 to 3.0 percent water or additive
  • In-line jacketed steel manifold with tubular casing is installed to the asphalt piping for foaming and mixing of the water or additive
  • A 145-gallon water tank is provided as standard equipment
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