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Aggregate Feed Systems

Cold Feed Bins

Our cold feed bins are designed and built to last. We design our rugged cold feed bins to consistently outlast similar systems because we know our customers need products with a long wear life. Built with all-welded painted steel, industrial strength columns and end bracing, the bins stand the test of time. Tapered sidewalls and an adjustable radial gate system enhance material flow and simplify operation. Both our single-bin and large, multi-bin designs offer increased capacity for superpave and other high-specification asphalt mixes.

  • A Large hopper opening reinforced with heavy-duty formed angle and steep sloped sidewalls ensures free flow of material to a self-relieving discharge opening
  • Variable speed belt feeder design prevents buildup and maximizes aggregate flow
  • Relocatable or portable designs available for individual plant needs
  • Options include vibrators, flow detectors, level indicators, wear liners, individual material screens, bulk heads, bin dividers, bin extensions and bin grizzlies
  • The collecting conveyors are available with a lagged head pulley and self-cleaning, adjustable tail pulley and spring loaded belt wiper, gravity take-ups and wind covers

Portable and Relocatable Recycle Systems

Make more money with more RAP. Improve the cost efficiency of your plant and boost RAP utilization with our recycle systems. Available in four different portable and relocatable models, we design the systems to tackle the many mix specifications you handle. A high-quality ADM system allows your operation to produce hot-mix asphalt with as much as 50 percent recycled material.

  • 15-ton rated capacity, wide top opening, radial type gate with positive lock and a 30″-wide belt feeder with lagged head pulley, shaft-mounted gear-reducer self-cleaning tail pulley with take-ups
  • Options include vibrators, flow detectors, level indicators, wear liners, air cannons, RAP screens, RAP processor, bulk heads, bin dividers, bin extensions and bin grizzlies

Weigh Conveyors

Our weigh conveyors were designed to perfect precision. They accurately measure material transferred from the cold feed bins into the drum so you achieve the best asphalt mix for your money. An NTEP-approved, high-capacity load cell and wind shrouds, combined with the weighbridge, provide accurate results and help achieve superior mix.

  • Designed and built to meet your needs. Available in channel- or truss-frames design
  • Standard features include spring tensioned belt wiper, gravity take up, speed sensor, weighbridge and wind guard
  • Options available are calibration chute, automated test weights, wind covers, portability, hydraulic lifts and more

Aggregate Conveyors

Heavy duty conveyors designed to over perform and keep your production flow moving forward. Truss- or channel-type frames are custom built to meet your height and length requirements. Available in portable or relocatable design and production rates up to 500 tons per hour.

  • Available features include, lagged head pulleys, adjustable tail pulley, spring tensioned belt wiper, gravity take-ups, wind guard, hydraulic lifts and more

Material Screens

USM inclined scalping screens are used in portable and relocatable drum-mix asphalt plants. They handle both virgin aggregate and RAP feeds. Many options and accessories are available including reversible side discharge chutes, converging undersize chute, converging side sheets, deck selector with bypass option, sub-stand and catwalks on three sides.

  • Removable vibrating mechanism with lubricated spherical roller bearings and integral dirt and grease seals on both sides of the bearings
  • Heavy-duty H beam construction integrates the coil spring supports, belt and counterweight guards, motor mount and shipping tie downs
  • Spring loaded snubbers that ensure smooth start-up and shutdown as the vibrating frame passes through the spring’s natural frequency
  • Bolt-in replaceable screen cloth panels are constructed from abrasive resistant tubular metal
  • Outer feed box has a bolt-in abrasive resistant AR plate liner located in the bottom
  • Available features include lagged head pulleys, adjustable tail pulley, spring tensioned belt wiper, gravity take-ups, wind guard, hydraulic lifts and more

Lump Breaker

Designed to be powerful, efficient and easy to maintain. The 20″ rotor is equipped with 312 replaceable tungsten-tipped milling teeth that shred chunks of asphalt down to 1″ at a rate of 250 tons per hour. The lump breaker eliminates off-site pre-crushing of asphalt materials to be recycled. The rotor spins at 127 RPM, constantly undermining the material in the 30″ x 40″ hopper directly above it. It may be set up with any size-milling tooth.

  • Gradation adjustable breaker plate from AR500 steel forces material back against toothed rotor
  • Replaceable 208 tungsten-tipped teeth are inexpensive and easy to maintain
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