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Asphalt ROI:  Part 1 of a 6-Part Series

If you get your hot mix asphalt from a competitor’s plant, you’re likely accustomed to waiting — waiting in lines to load the hot mix and waiting for the

Asphalt plant ownership

Lines at asphalt plants can be extremely long, especially during the peak of paving season.

driver to return to the jobsite, where the crew is waiting. But, does that time lost cost you enough to justify purchasing your own asphalt plant? There are numerous factors to consider before you take that step. We’ll walk through each with you in this new blog series, starting with exploring your market.

Perhaps the first factor that should be looked into is the market size. Not only should you determine the total amount of asphalt you use but also potential customers who could drive the demand up. Check into the availability of aggregates and ensure that the source will be able to fulfill need

ed supplies through peak paving months. Because large asphalt producers often consume the bulk of aggregates supplies, a new asphalt producer may need to look for a nearby aggregates source.

Also, take the time to look at contracts awarded in the area. Investigate the number and sizes of paving companies that work in the area. Analyze what percentage of bids a new asphalt plant would be able to supply in the years to come.

Do you have questions about sizing an asphalt plant for your operation? Contact us!

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