From cold feed bins to asphalt tanks and everything in between, ADM manufactures a full range of high-quality components so you can customize the right plant for your operation. Built with heavy-duty steel, our long-lasting components are compatible with both ADM and other manufacturers’ asphalt plants for maximum versatility.

ADM AC Tanks Asphalt Plant Components

Asphalt Cement Tanks

Economical, reliable and offer AC capacities from 10,000 to 35,000 gallons.

ADM Asphalt Plant Baghouses


More than 99.8 percent efficient, making it easy for you to comply with strict emissions standards.

ADM Cold Feed Bins Asphalt Components

Cold Feed Bins

Tapered sidewalls and an adjustable radial gate system enhance material flow and simplify operation.

ADM Mineral Filler Silo Asphalt Plant Component

Mineral Filler Silos

Our mineral filler silos supplement minerals to complete the aggregate mixture.

ADM Recycled Asphalt (RAP) system

RAP Recycle Systems

Available in four different portable and stationary models, we design our RAP systems to tackle the many mix specifications you handle.

ADM Asphalt Plant Slat Conveyor

Slat Conveyors

The design features a reinforced, weld-on slat for reliable asphalt conveying with capacity ratings as high as 500 tph.

ADM Asphalt Storage Silos

Storage Silos

Virtually eliminate coning and segregation with the incorporated pneumatic batcher with dual clamshell gate.

ADM Asphalt Plant Weigh Conveyors

Weigh Conveyors

Our weigh conveyors accurately measure material transferred from the cold feed bins into the drum so you achieve the best asphalt mix for your money.