Control Rooms & Process Controls

Control Rooms Control Rooms
Control Rooms Control Rooms
Control Rooms Control Rooms
Control Rooms Control Rooms
Control Rooms Control Rooms
Control Rooms Control Rooms

Control Rooms

ADM control rooms are made with an all-steel welded-frame construction including wall studs, floor and ceiling joists. Climate control is done by an air conditioner/heater unit with 3-ton cooling capacity and 10-kW heating capacity. Insulated ceiling cavity, sidewalls and floor help to regulate temperature and acoustics. Fluorescent lights, Armstrong acoustical ceiling panels, and slanted, tinted, double pane-insulating glass, help assure that ADM control rooms are designed for maximum operator efficiency and ultimate comfort.

  • All steel work is primer coated and all exposed steel is painted
  • 36″ x 80″ insulated heavy-duty 24 ga. steel-clad entrance door with keyed lockset
  • One-piece, no maintenance, black rubber roof
  • Entrance steps with single handrail and transport storage rack
Motor Control Systems Motor Control Systems
Motor Control Centers Motor Control Centers
Motor Control Centers Motor Control Centers
Motor Control Centers Motor Control Centers

Motor Control Centers

Motor Control Centers or MCCs are used to house across-the-line starters with electronic overload relays, soft starters and variable speed frequency drives. ADM offers custom built bucket style or cabinet type MCC’s. All breakers, motor starters, frequency drives and other components are mounted inside the MCC and pre wired at the factory. MCC’s come standard with 3-phase, 3-wire, ungrounded Delta connections, rated at 600V or less, and 50 or 60 Hz. Other options and systems are available upon request.

  • Space-saving designs maximize space use and allow for a more compact MCC footprint
  • Industry-leading motor control center meets UL 845 and NEMA standards and International Building Code – IBC (Seismic)
  • Optional ArcShield™ system is available and helps to reduce arc flash hazards while providing you with increased protection against internal electrical arcing faults

Blend Systems

Designed to proportion aggregates and additives according to prescribed mix-design formulas, and to measure and control the liquid asphalt mass flow rate, so the blends are accurately interlocked to the measured aggregate flow.

  • ADM proudly uses Systems Equipment ADPGUI blending system. The ADPGUI blend system utilizes a consumer grade PC and Windows® operating system to create a user friendly operating environment
  • Available as Windows-Based Graphics enhanced User Interface or text-based format
  • Direct interface to all brands of asphalt pump skids and metering devices
  • Feeders capable of being controlled and metered include: aggregates, dust, anti-strip, latex, crumb rubber, water, slurries and mineral filler
  • Integral belt scale totalizers, multi-point calibration of scales and feeders, multiple stored mix formulas and full featured data recordation
  • Asphalt tank inventory and selection monitor
  • Product reputation worldwide for demonstrated accuracy, long term reliability and ease of use

Loadout Systems

Designed to accurately control truck loading, print delivery tickets, store delivery data and print operational reports. Evaluated and Certified by NTEP. Provided with an industrial grade, fanless PC, along with a PLC hardware interface. Using a PC separately from any process automation provides the user flexibility in the choice of process control components and subsequent system upgrades.

  • Truck scale system with Weigh-In/Weigh-Out capability, handles virtually an unlimited number of silos
  • Simplified data entry, including Truck, Customer, Job, Task, Material, Product and Ticket Tables
  • Windows® environment with silo inventories displayed in graphical form
  • NTEP Certified, commercial grade scale weigh indicators
  • Each silo can utilize an independent remote printer or share a printer
  • Database back-up to off-site location via network or Internet
  • Several optional add-ons available: License plate photo capturing, ticket signature pad, material temperature at time of load, loading traffic light director, custom tickets, custom reports and more

Control Add-Ons

ADM asphalt-plant control add-ons may be used to customize any asphalt plant, whether the plant is manufactured by ADM or other manufacturer. The control add-ons are designed to offer producers more efficiency and greater uptime. Add-ons include human interface (HMI) controls, call boxes, fuel meters, AMP meter systems and tank level indicators.

  • Human interface controls (HMI) help simplify plant control houses
  • Call boxes notify operators of an event at the plant
  • Fuel meters provide an easier and safer way to measure fuel consumption
  • AMP meter systems determine how hard equipment is working from one day to the next
  • Tank level indicators allow operators to view fuel or asphalt tank levels from the control house rather than having to walk outside to the tanks

Data Transfer Software

Designed to efficiently allow company accounting departments to electronically transfer ticket information from multiple SYSTEMS’ Model WIN-LC3000 loadout-plant locations to a central computer via the Internet.

  • Central server can be connected to nearly an unlimited number of WIN-LC3000 plant locations
  • Trucks, materials, customers, jobs, tasks and products may be created and/or edited at the central office location and transmitted to/from the plant locations, while tickets can be transmitted from multiple plant locations to the central server