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Emissions Control Equipment

Pulse Jet Reverse Air BaghousesPulse Jet Reverse Air Baghouses
Pulse Jet and Reverse Air BaghousesPulse Jet and Reverse Air Baghouses
Pulse Jet and Reverse Air BaghousesPulse Jet and Reverse Air Baghouses
Pulse Jet and Reverse Air BaghousesPulse Jet and Reverse Air Baghouses

Pulse Jet and Reverse Air Baghouses

Leading the industry in clean-air efficiency, we design our baghouses to be more than 99.8 percent efficient, making it easy for you to comply with strict emissions standards. The baghouses collect dust from plant operation and release clean, filtered air. You can then transport the dust for metering and reintroduce it to the mix or waste.

  • Optional primary knockout box features a baffle plate, preventing premature bag wear
  • Uses 16-ounce capacity, 100% Nomex® bags housed in galvanized steel cages, preventing them from collapsing
  • Hopper and Bag Access doors sealed with silicon sponge rubber gaskets rated for 350° F
  • Exterior carbon steel surfaces are prime painted with lead free, rust inhibitive alkyd primer followed with enamel finish coat
  • E.P.A. approved test ports in exhaust stack with optional test platform
  • Customized duct work sections are available for dryer-to-baghouse, and baghouse-to-exhaust fan transitions

Primary Dust Collectors

Custom built primary dust collectors help capture oversized material increasing production and minimizing wear on the secondary collector. Primary collectors allow separation between large and small particulate, which gives you more control over gradation.

  • Can be added to both a baghouse or wet scrubber system to reduce wear and increase hot mix quality
  • Custom designed systems available with special wear liners, and discharge valves

Venturi Wet Systems

Our wet scrubbers are highly efficient, air-pollution-control devices for removing particles and gases from the exhaust streams. The wet scrubber cleans the dirty gas stream using water to trap the particulate or gases, which are then collected through the scrubbing sequence. ADM offers custom-built scrubber designs for your specific plant design.

  • An adjustable Venturi is provided to adjust airflow for various production rates
  • Scrubber barrel, Venturi and duct sections are constructed using AR plate and the duct elbow is lined with chrome caride for long maintenance life
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