EX Series Asphalt Plants

100 – 425 TPH

EX SERIES Asphalt Mixing Drum Plant – 120-425 TPH

Increased Capacity

The rugged EX Series asphalt plants meet production capacity demands and strict environmental regulations. Our EX Series combines high volume, efficiency and environmental friendliness in a compact package so users can easily achieve a fast return on investment. The plant’s single-drum counterflow system uses the latest in innovative technology, resulting in the longest aggregates drying and mixing times in the industry. The EX Series comes in portable and stationary versions that meet all federal and state specifications to ensure consistent, quality asphalt.

Features & Benefits

The EX Series’ unique single-drum counterflow technology system utilizes separate drying and mixing zones to achieve the highest level of heat transfer and fuel efficiency available. EX plants are capable of processing high percentages of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), producing hot mix containing up to 50 percent recycled material.

  • Increase Capacity  ADM designed its largest series for maximum asphalt production.
  • Innovative Technology – The single-drum counterflow system achieves maximum heat transfer and fuel efficiency through separate drying and mixing zones.
  • Clean Operation – The EX Series’ counterflow technology captures residual gases and reintroduces them back to the combustion zone, virtually eliminating blue smoke and hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Efficient Design – EX plants are designed for single-operator capability, easy troubleshooting and simple on-site maintenance.


CapacityDrum Diameter
120 tons per hour
(109 metric tons)
76" (1.9 m)
170 tons per hour
(154 metric tons)

76" (1.9 m)
225 tons per hour
(204 metric tons)
88" (2.2 m)
325 tons per hour
(295 metric tons)
102" (2.6 m)

Fully customizable to meet any TPH requirement


A wide range of components allows you to build the plant that fits your operation’s specific requirements.