Explore the Wide Variety of Asphalt Plants Available From ADM

If you think ADM manufactures just one size or type of hot-mix asphalt plant, think again. Check out the company’s complete line of asphalt plants. Portable, skid mounted or relocatable, ADM has a plant for you.

With four series of asphalt plants ranging from 60-425 TPH, ADM can customize an asphalt plant to fit your needs. ADM’s four series of asphalt plants include the EX Series, MileMaker Series, RoadBuilder Series, and SPL Series. No matter the scope of the project or size of your operation, our team is committed to helping your business thrive.

EX SERIES Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant– 120-425 TPH

EX Series

EX Series Asphalt Plants (120–425 TPH) are designed to meet high capacity demand for maximum asphalt production. These single-drum counterflow technology plants can process up to 50% RAP. They are clean operating and efficiently designed, affording single-operator capability, easy troubleshooting, and simple on-site maintenance.

MileMaker Series

MileMaker Series Asphalt Plants (160–425 TPH) are affordable and built to last, providing high volume production at a low cost per ton. These plants feature dual-drum counterflow technology and can process up to 50% RAP. They offer a fast return on investment and are environmentally conscious, virtually eliminating blue smoke and emissions as the mixing zone is located in the separate second drum.

ADM MileMaker Counterflow Asphalt Plant
RoadBuilder Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

RoadBuilder Series

RoadBuilder Series Asphalt Plants (110–350 TPH) are designed for easy, hassle-free operation, featuring quick set-up in one-operator plants. RoadBuilder plants are simple to service, work at peak efficiency with individual digital processors and simple controls, and maximize fuel efficiency while minimizing asphalt cement burn-off. This is accomplished through the open-fired multi-fuel Hauck StarJet Burner, resulting in fewer emissions than other parallel-flow designed plants. These parallel-flow plants can process up to 25% RAP.

SPL Series

SPL Series Asphalt Plants (60–160 TPH) feature enhanced mobility for hard-to-access locations. These plants and components fit into a single trailer for cost-efficient shipping and easy transport in emerging markets worldwide. The plants operate at minimal downtime because they use standard parts, readily available when producers need them, while their parallel-flow drum system allows for lower fuel cost and high-quality asphalt production.

SPL SERIES Asphalt Mixing Drum Plant– 60-160 TPH

A Wide Range of Components

ADM manufactures a full range of high-quality components, so producers can customize just the right plant for their operations. Built with heavy-duty steel, ADM’s long-lasting components are compatible with both ADM and other manufacturers’ asphalt plants for maximum versatility. Components include HMA storage and surge systems, control rooms and process controls, aggregate feed systems, emissions control equipment, filler and dust silo equipment, liquid asphalt storage, additive systems, and specialty tanks.

Control Rooms Control Rooms

Operators in dozens of countries have seen firsthand that the ADM team delivers high-quality plants that are built to withstand the rigors of some of the world’s most demanding environments. ADM has reliable plants in more than 47 countries across six continents. Our team takes pride in delivering service before, during, and long after the sale, ensuring operators have everything they need to operate at peak capacity. No matter where your next job is, ADM will be there to support you.

ADM has been manufacturing high-quality portable, skid-mounted and relocatable asphalt plants and components since 1974. We are a family-owned business with a deep-rooted commitment to providing exceptional service and customer support. Our quality guarantee is the cornerstone of our values.