Filler & Dust Silo Equipment

FIller Silos

Featuring a pneumatic conveying system, our mineral filler silos are a reliable dust solution, collecting dust and adding stored minerals to dried aggregate for precise baghouse dust control. Asphalt Drum Mixers’ mineral filler silos supplement minerals to complete the aggregate mixture.

  • Capacities available from 250 to 1,000 barrels to meet the various demands of each operation
  • Conveying system can be pneumatic or by screws for additional customization
  • Metering options include volumetric, weigh pod or reverse weight metering to fit individual specifications
  • Silos are available in stationary or self-erect models and are compatible with both ADM and other manufacturers’ plants for maximum versatility
  • Self-erect silos feature a hydraulic system for fast, efficient setup

Weigh Pods

Featuring NTEP approved load cells and weight depletion measurement , our weigh pods measure the stored minerals that will be added to the dried aggregate for precise filler addition. Asphalt Drum Mixers’ weigh pods enhance the blend process by giving the operator precise measurement and control.

  • Steep sidewalls for improved material flow
  • Pneumatically operated slide gate with interconnecting flexible grommet connecting to pod
  • The hopper is positioned on three NTEP approved load cells sending signal back to on-board blend computer to provide a measured flow rate
  • Mounts for pod are adjustable for ease of installation

Conveying and Metering

ADM’s pneumatic dust conveying systems feature a pneumatic blower and a rotary vane feeder to precisely dose the mineral filler from the silo or weigh pod. The VFD controlled motor and airlock combined with the precision of the weigh pod allows for accurate dosing of the filler material. The airlock may also be used as a volumetric feeder in the absence of the more precise weigh method.

  • Blower skid includes all necessary hardware such as a filtered inlet, check valve, pressure relief valve and high efficiency motor with safety guard
  • Rotary vane feeder with air purge driven by a VFD controlled motor
  • A feeder to pipe transition, a filler hose and (2) 90° ceramic elbows are included for transition from filler hose into plant
  • Electrical switchgear and controls including blend computer additions are available