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HMA Storage & Surge Systems

Portable & Relocatable Crane Set Silos

Constructed of heavy-duty steel with double-welded seams, our storage silos maintain fresh asphalt at a consistent temperature until discharged. Virtually eliminate coning and segregation with the incorporated pneumatic batcher with dual clamshell gate. Capacities from 100 to 300 tons are available for varying plant configurations.

  • Eight inches of fiberglass insulation is installed within the double walled, continuously welded deck section
  • 100% double welded ¼” thick silo barrel with 2″ of overlapped insulation covered with pre-painted aluminum skin banded for added rigidity
  • Dual clam gates provide rapid truck loading and segregation protection on discharge
  • A 12′ wide x 12′ high drive-through clearance built with Heavy “I”-beam legs
  • 3/8″ steel silo cone with standard AR cone liner for long wear life is continuously double welded to the silo barrel
  • High & low material level indicators activate alarms to alert the operator of a low or high condition

Surge Bins

A compact and efficient, economical alternative to full-size silo storage systems. ADM’s surge bins are constructed of heavy-duty steel and complement your asphalt plant by increasing efficiency, providing more storage, reducing segregation and allowing for faster truck loading. Available in various configurations and sizes and may be customized to fit your unique needs. Optional weigh systems and load-out systems are available.

  • The surge bins have a 40 tons’ capacity silo constructed with 3/8″ thick steel plate, 100% double welded
  • Dual clam gates provide rapid truck loading and segregation protection on discharge
  • A 12′ wide x 12′ high drive through clearance built with Heavy “I”-beam legs

Drag Conveyors

Our heavy-duty drag-slat and transfer-slat conveyors deliver long-term, optimal performance and feature a reinforced, weld-on slat for reliable asphalt conveying with capacity ratings as high as 500 TPH. Asphalt Drum Mixers builds the conveyor to fit your needs, using either formed steel or all-welded bridge beam construction. Single and double roller chains are available.

  • Segmented hardened sprockets, and a heavy-duty roller chain provide uninterrupted material transfer
  • 1/2″ thick, chrome carbide bottom liner and AR400 sidewalls provide ultimate wear
  • All shafts are made with TGP 1144 stress proof cold rolled steel
  • Spring loaded idlers reduce impact wear
  • A skid resistant stairway, and a 360° drive train platform, are provided for maintenance access

Portable Self Erecting Silos

The ADM self erecting silos are a highly portable, self-contained unit that can be erected in minutes without the use of a crane. The silos have a capacity of 30 to 75 tons. A heavy-duty tubular frame, dual hydraulic cylinders, 2″ of insulation, 3/8″ steel hot-oil heated silo cone, and a high-level indicator, are some of the many features that are standard with the ADM self erecting silo. The drag conveyor uses heavy-duty roller chain with heavy-duty steel drag flights, a chrome carbide bottom liner, AR400 sidewall liners, TGP, 1144 stress-proof cold-rolled steel shafts and a hardened, segmented split-hub sprocket. The unit is erected three (3) times at the factory to assure proper operation.

  • Continuously welded deck section, with safety deck plate, surrounded with hand railing
  • The 11′-2″ diameter silo barrel is 100% double welded and constructed with 1/4″ thick steel plate
  • The insulation is covered with pre-painted aluminum skin banded for added rigidity
  • An AR cone liner is provided to ensure long maintenance life
  • A 60° cone, and dual clam gates maximize material flow, provide rapid truck loading and impede segregation
  • Pneumatically actuated by-pass on the drag conveyor for diverting unwanted material
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