Liquid Asphalt Storage

Horizontal Tank Horizontal Tank
Vertical Tank Vertical Tank
Liquid Asphalt Storage Liquid Asphalt Storage
Vertical Tank Vertical Tank

Vertical and Horizontal Tanks

Our asphalt cement tanks help save on storage and include value-added features as part of our standard design, while competitive brands charge costly premiums for these features. Our tanks are economical, reliable and offer AC capacities from 10,000 to 35,000 gallons. We use a serpentine coil arrangement to achieve a heat exchange area of more than 1,200 square feet (111 square meters) ensuring consistent AC temperatures.

  • Fiberglass blanket insulation and a stucco-embossed aluminum jacket protect the tank and prevent heat loss
  • Configurations available in vertical/horizontal and portable for additional versatility
  • A three-way electric actuated temperature control valve and control panel and temperature controller are tank-mounted and weatherproof, enhancing durability
  • Available options are electronic level sensing, alarm dialers, polymer agitators, automated plug valves, transfer pumps and prebuilt piping packages
Metering Pumps Metering Pumps
Metering Pumps Metering Pumps
Metering Pump Skids Metering Pump Skids

Metering Pump Skids

Highly accurate and efficient asphalt pump skids with variable speed control help in providing a precise and consistent asphalt content in your mix. Our asphalt metering pump skids can be dual, positive displacement, mass flow rate, pump systems or come equipped with a Coriolis meter. Jacketed bodies, system relief valve and inline strainer help maintain an accurate flow.

  • Pneumatically operated, three-way jacketed valve with cylinder, valve and all electrical components
  • Circuit limit switch with status light, displaying liquid asphalt pumping direction
  • Digital tachometer feedback and temperature probe, are factory mounted
  • Skid mounted onto a rugged steel base and factory assembled and piped with stainless steel hot-oil jumpers

Unloading Pump Skids

Compact, high capacity transfer pumps allow for for fast and efficient unloading of delivery tankers. Sliding vane technology allows the pumps to self-adjust for wear to help maintain flow rates, creates excellent self-priming and dry-run capabilities, while also providing sustained performance and trouble-free operation.

  • Skid-mounted, jacketed pump with controls and switchgear mounted in a weatherproof enclosure