RoadBuilder Series Asphalt Plants

110 – 350 TPH

RoadBuilder Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

Fast Start-up

The 110-350 tph RoadBuilder Series asphalt plants allow for quick set-up with self-erecting silos that require only one person and minimal set-up time, so contractors can begin production within days. Designed for simple, hassle-free operation, troubleshooting and maintenance, the RoadBuilder asphalt plant requires just one plant operator and one loader operator. The RoadBuilder’s parallel flow system results in exact control of mix designs, and the lowest cost per ton of any asphalt plant in its class.

Features & Benefits

The RoadBuilder Series utilizes ADM’s proven flight design to move moisture-laden aggregate in a rotating, veiled pattern away from the burner. This maximizes heat transfer through the mix. The portable or stationary RoadBuilder plants process up to 25 percent RAP.

  • User-Friendly Operation – Individual digital processors and simple controls keep the RoadBuilder working at peak efficiency.
  • Simple Servicing  – Industry-standard parts and components result in less downtime for your operation.
  • Customized Engineering – Easily add components, such as baghouses, AC tanks, conveyors and silo systems, to match your exact production requirements.
  • Minimal Burn-Off – A Hauck gap-fire StarJet burner maximizes fuel efficiency while minimizing asphalt cement burn-off, resulting in fewer emissions than other parallel-flow designs.


CapacityDrum Diameter
160 tons per hour
(145 metric tons)
72" (1.8 m)
250 tons per hour
(227 metric tons)

84" (2.1 m)
350 tons per hour
(320 metric tons)

96" (2.4 m)

Engineered to fit the exact requirements of your operation.


Further customize your plant with a wide range of components to meet the requirements of your operation.