SPL Series Asphalt Plants

60 – 160 TPH

SPL SERIES Asphalt Mixing Plant – 60-160 TPH

Enhanced Mobility

The 60-160 tph SPL Series is a reliable and economical option for producers and contractors with lower production requirements. The entire asphalt plant — including all components — fits on a single trailer frame for easy transport to hard-to-access places as well as cost-efficient worldwide shipping to emerging markets. Operators all around the world profit from the SPL’s ability to produce quality asphalt at a lower cost than with other small portable or stationary plants.

Features & Benefits

Like all equipment manufactured by ADM, the SPL Series is pre-wired and pre-tested at the factory, so installation and setup times are quick. Contractors have the option of either a portable or stationary configuration, as well as automated or manual operation.

  • Easy Maintenance – Standard parts availability keeps your company moving by minimizing downtime.
  • Increased Efficiency – The SPL’s parallel flow drum system lowers fuel costs while producing high-quality asphalt.
  • Ease of Operation  – The plant’s simple design requires just one plant operator and one loader operator.
  • Time-tested Design – Built in the USA, the SPL is designed to meet the highest quality standards for a long life.


CapacityDrum Diameter
60 tons per hour
(54 metric tons)
54" (1.4 m)
110 tons per hour
(100 metric tons)

62" (1.6 m)
160 tons per hour
(145 metric tons)

72" (1.8 m)

Customizable to meet the exact specifications of your operation


A wide range of components further customizes each plant to meet each customer’s specific requirements.